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Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to set up a Raid Array on a Dell Poweredge 2950 Server

The instructions below can also be used with the Dell Poweredge 1900, Dell poweredge 2900, and the Dell poweredge 1950, providing the PERC5i controller is used.
• When server is booting hit “Control R” when you see “Poweredge expandable Raid Controller Bios” to enter the RAID configuration utility.
• Under “VD Management tab” Hit “F2” to create a new “virtual drive”
• Hit “Enter” to choose the “RAID level” option
• Arrow down to choose the “RAID level” and hit “Enter” to accept
• Arrow down to “drives section” and hit “spacebar” to select the drives to be used. Hit “tab” after selecting the hard drives.
• The menu will then show the total size of the virtual drive. If this is correct then hit “tab” until you get to “VD Name” and name the virtual drive.
• Tab to advanced settings and set those if you choose or leave at defaults
• Tab to “OK” hit “enter to complete your new virtual drive.

**Best practices is to make sure all the hard drives are the same size and have the same Dell Part number


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