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Monday, November 1, 2010

“I just got my server and it doesn’t work”

One of the most common questions we get here at Velocity Tech Solutions “I just got my server and it doesn’t work” or “my server just stopped working what do I do?” After that question there are typically a series of questions (with a little panic in the voice) “will I lose my raid”? “Is it the motherboard?” “I’m totally down, what am I going to do?”

There may be no need to panic it could be something simple.

Often times in shipping the server will take a bit of a beating. Many of them weigh 50 to 100lbs and the delivery drivers seem to loathe those poor packages more than the 3 oz boxes that can fit in their hands. There is also the reality that the delivery trucks don’t ride as smooth has a Cadillac. As a result of the server taking a rough ride both in the vehicle and via the loading process, the vibration of the rough ride can result in the memory, the processor, the riser or the controller card coming lose. Reseat each part in the server. Make sure each part is clipped in and secure.

The same can be true of a server that has been running constantly for a very long time. Servers pack a lot of power and over time the vibration can jolt some of the parts loose.

This may not be the only answer, but this is a starting point.

You can always call me, VelocityAnne at 888-784-2088 with any questions, anytime!


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